Following up on Due Payments

Almost every small business allows for late payments, which can be frustrating for owners. However, this could be a way to create a relationship with your clients but as your business continues to grow you would need to find solutions to mitigate this issue. This is where I-Rock Invoice comes in, our software is designed to allow its users to send alert reminders to their clients for due payments. 

But with this feature, there are other things to consider as you send your alerts. Here are a few tips to include in your follow-up plan. First up, both parties should agree on what payment method is preferable. In addition to that, have multiple payment options to offer like cash, bank transfer, pay to cell, etc because anything can happen. It’s very inconvenient for clients that are accustomed to using one type of payment method for transacting which happens not to be provided by your business. That’s why Multiple payment options are provided on I-Rock Invoice.

Secondly, clarify what your clients are paying for on your invoice. Isn’t it annoying when you receive a bill only stating the total amount owed without clearly stipulating how much each service or product costs? the reason why our invoice will allow you to catalog your products showing your client what exactly they are paying for. 

Lastly, proactively schedule when and what time you would like to alert your clients about the payment with a reminder email. Would it be a Monday morning when they just get to work and open up their emails? or Wednesday mid-morning when they’ve had time to clear all weekend emails?  You decide knowing your client’s nature of business. Having a follow-up plan ahead of time gives you a chance to focus more on other work stress-free.

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