Time to go Digital with your Invoicing

Digital transformation is inevitable for businesses today as consumer digital experience is all around us from online payment to AI chat bot on websites. Small businesses need to jump on this trend from the get go if they are to compete with established businesses and retain their customers.  Digital transformation can be beneficial in the long run as it results to reduced operational costs, that’s why we would like to introduce ‘I-Rock Invoice’ to you. 

The I-Rock Invoice emphasizes improving customer experience providing paperless billing to ensure businesses are able to track their cash-flow anywhere anytime with just a click of a button. On-site bookkeeping is no doubt a tedious job especially for small businesses owners that are managing and handling other tasks behind the scenes as well. This is why I-Rock Invoice has been designed to be easy to understand, making it hassle free for business owners who have no financial or accounting background to use. It has also been designed to reduce human error from manual capturing.

The software has Integrated tools such customization of products and company logos which will save you  so much time  on your branding . All receipts in the system can be easily organized and accessible for tax filing and clients can  give access to multiple users with no limit to  the number generated invoices.  We believe this is a game changer ! 


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